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Basic Password Safety Measures

password protection

Many people choose not to care too much about their password security until it’s too late. An easy to remember password or one password for many online accounts, makes life easy for sure, but at the same time it makes you ill-protected against cybercriminals. There are a whole bunch of great advices on the internet […]

Apps Sell User Data To Advertisers

user data

In the previous post, we have discussed how disney apps leaking children (user) information without the consent of parents. But the fact is that, it is not just disney apps, but most of the popular free apps( both on Apple store and Google Play Store) sell sensitive user information to the advertisers unlawfully. In a […]

A Ray of Hope For Vertical Farming

vertical farming

Plenty, a San Francisco based vertical farming startup has managed to impress Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son to get a huge $200 million investment. Masayoshi Son is the  founder and CEO of SoftTech, a tech-investment company. This is a great news for the fans of vertical farming. What is Vertical Farming? What are the Claims? Vertical […]

4 Steps To Get Successful And Rich!

how to become rich

What it takes to become rich? Stock Market and bond investment? Or starting one’s own business? Or saving? None of them. Or maybe they all contribute to make you a millionaire! But we are here to talk about something else today. Like something magical… right? So, Let’s get started! Doesn’t matter if you sell milk, […]

Difference Between Ransomware And Wiper


Ransomwares and wipers are similar kind of evil-intentioned softwares, what makes them different is their primary goals. A ransomware’s aim is financial gain, while wiper is more directed towards mass data destruction. Ransomware is a kind of software designed to block the access of a computer system, or block the access of files of certain […]