malvertising attack

What is a malvertising attack? The word “Malvertising” means malicious advertising. In this malicious practice hackers target the visitors of genuine and reputed websites. And for that they either sneak into a reputed advertising networks like Adsense or Infolinks, or well known popular websites like Yahoo, New York Times, The Onion etc. When you as a user visit a website infected with malvertising malware, your system get infected with advertising malware. The most worrying fact of this malware is that it does not require any kind of user interaction (like clicking on a ad or a link). How dangerous is a malvertising attack? It dependsRead More →

android phone lagging

There are tricks and tips to deal with android app lagging problem. Some even recommend  to install 3rd party apps to make android apps function smooth. Third party apps kill background apps, put battery hungry apps into sleep, and sometimes even fill your memory with .blank files to keep the storage clean. Do these apps really do good to your android device? It is highly doubtful. Probably they do more harm than good to your device. In the beginning these apps make user feel as if they are doing their job properly and making the android device lag free, but later on these apps startRead More →

Unresponsive Touch Screen

Modern smartphones, tablets and PCs with touch screen use indium tin oxide (ITO) glasses, and these glasses are highly durable. So the chances of natural degradation in responsiveness of the touch screen over time is not very likely, unless you use it very rough. If your touch screen is unresponsive, there can be a hardware fault or software issue. Hardware issues are sorted at service centers (they replace your screen if your warrantee period is not over and it is not your fault behind your screen’s unresponsiveness/ damage). If your warranty period is not over, visiting service center for a screen replacment is the mostRead More →

autonomous vehicles India

A month back union transport minister Nitin Gadkari announced that India is not going to allow autonomous vehicles on its roads, because it will only increase the number of unemployed people. Undoubtedly this announcement from union transport minister’s mouth must be a relief for many drivers, those who earn their living from this profession. But is it even possible for an autonomous vehicle to run on Indian roads? It is going to be a massive challenge for an autonomous vehicle to be practicable on Indian roads. The first obstacle on the way of an autonomous vehicle is to deal with the unexpected and dangerous eventsRead More →

Recurrent Neural Network

The final, six-episode season of “GoT” (Game of Thrones)on HBO will be written by an AI (Artificial Intelligence) system. How does this AI system work? Developed by Zack Thoutt, a Got fan and a software engineer, this AI system is actually a “Recurrent Neural Network” that is capable of predicting stories based on previously written materials. Thoutt fed the AI system with all the 5 GoT books (total 5,376 pages) and also some popular GoT fan theories. Based on those data, the AI system can generate predictions on what will happen next. This recurrent neural network based AI system is not perfect. It makes manyRead More →

air pollution electric cars

In average, one person eats 1 kg food and drinks 2 kg (2 liter) water every day, compared to breathing about 13 kg of air per day, which is 4x more than he/she eats and drinks. The air we breathe is a mix of pollutants that come from various sources or are created from different chemical reactions in the atmosphere. Air pollution is a big issue, yet sometimes we ignore it. Because we all do not face air pollution equally. Even within a city there are places with more polluted air than other corners of the same city. But we have to realize that airRead More →

electric car

The fight between battery vehicles (plug-in electric vehicles or EVs) and vehicles with internal combustion engine is going to get savage in the coming decade. While countries like Germany and UK are planning to ban internal combustion engine vehicles by 2030 and 2040, US and China are looking for increasing the sales of gasoline (petrol) and diesel powered vehicles, by making them more efficient. Mazda Motor Corporation and Nissan are developing new technology that will make internal combustion engine vehicles more efficient and systematic. The new technology will increase the fuel economy and will sharply lower emission. This news might upset battery vehicle admirers outRead More →

password protection

Many people choose not to care too much about their password security until it’s too late. An easy to remember password or one password for many online accounts, makes life easy for sure, but at the same time it makes you ill-protected against cybercriminals. There are a whole bunch of great advices on the internet on how to choose a strong password and how to keep yourself from being hacked, but they are of no use until we implement them in practical.   So, here are the basics: Keep your password length at least 8 character long. Anything less than 8 character long makes yourRead More →

user data

In the previous post, we discussed how Disney apps leak children (user) information without the consent of parents. But the fact is that, it is not just Disney apps, but most of the popular free apps( both on Apple store and Google Play Store) sell sensitive user information to the advertisers unlawfully. In a recent research, researchers have found that almost 47% of the apple apps, and 73% of the android apps, sell some kind of user information to advertisers. Medical apps are more notorious in this department, because medical app users share more sensitive data than others. What kind of data app creators sellRead More →

greenhouse tomato

Prospera, an Israeli digital farming company, has created an AI based software that is capable of controlling pests and diseases in greenhouses. The AI software is based on the theory that early detection of insects, diseases and dying plants can help grow better crops. This AI based technology inspired NatureSweet to adopt it in its greenhouses. NatureSweet is a in San Antonio (Texas, United States) based greenhouse farming company that grows, harvests, and packages tomatoes. After adopting this new technology, within 1 year, NatureSweet has managed to improve its greenhouses tomato yields by 20%. Very soon NatureSweet will implement the same AI technology in itsRead More →