Artificial Intelligence Helps Greenhouse Farmers Grow Better Crops

Prospera, an Israeli digital farming company, has created an AI based software that is capable of controlling pests and diseases in greenhouses. The AI software is based on the theory that early detection of insects, diseases and dying plants can help grow better crops. This AI based technology inspired NatureSweet to adopt it in its greenhouses. NatureSweet is a in San Antonio (Texas, United States) based greenhouse farming company that grows, harvests, and packages tomatoes. After adopting this new technology, within 1 year, NatureSweet has managed to improve its greenhouses tomato yields by 20%. Very soon NatureSweet will implement the same AI technology in its other 5 greenhouses in the US and Mexico.

How This Technology Works:

There are 10 cameras installed on the ceiling of the greenhouse, which are programmed to take photos of the plants continuously 24/7. And it feeds the image data to the Prospera software, which immediately process the images, compares them with earlier photos and other photos from the database, to detect its condition, like insect detection, disease detection, �dying plant detection or harvesting time detection.   This AI based technology not only has improved the harvest, but it tremendously reduced labor costs. NatureSweet had employed 8000 people for the same job, before adopting this technology. Which was slow and quite expensive.

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