Basic Password Safety Measures

Many people choose not to care too much about their password security until it�s too late. An easy to remember password or one password for many online accounts, makes life easy for sure, but at the same time it makes you ill-protected against cybercriminals. There are a whole bunch of great advices on the internet on how to choose a strong password and how to keep yourself from being hacked, but they are of no use until we implement them in practical.   So, here are the basics:

  1. Keep your password length at least 8 character long. Anything less than 8 character long makes your password dangerously vulnerable.
  2. Use all types of characters, like letters, numbers and special characters.
  3. Use both uppercase and lowercase letters. But try not to be predictable. For example don�t always use the first letter in uppercase, because that�s so easy to guess.
  4. Avoid predictable words like dictionary words, names or people or places or anything.
  5. Strictly avoid patterns, like 123456, or abcdef, or qwerty etc.
  6. If you follow above 5 rules, you can actually protect your password for the next 200 years, but wait, that doesn�t mean you keep the same password your whole life. It is strongly advisable to change your password at least once every 90 days.

If you want to make your password even more secure, you can actually do that. All you need is to add more characters to your password. A 9 character long password is more secure than a 8 character password, because it would take more guesses for the hacker to get it.

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