ai chatbot

Job-search can be seriously frustrating, especially when you desperately need a job or a job change. Although we get hundreds for suggestions and recommendations from various job-portals, none of them are really relevant. You wish you had a personal assistant to help you find a new job or move up in your career! Here comes the jobsearch AI bot to make your job search a little bit easier.   A jobsearch AI bot is a kind of chat bot that is specifically programmed to assist a jobseeker in his or her job search. Unlike typical bots, which only follow certain human-composed set of rules, anRead More →


WannaCry? Well, we all go through that emotion but right now we are not talking about that feeling but about a dangerous ransomware that can truly make you cry. In couple of days “WannaCry” ransomware has made 100,000 users from 150 countries cry. WannaCry ransomware attack is the biggest extortion attack ever recorded. It has already affected Britain’s hospital network, Germany’s national railway network, and many universities in China. Apart from that many factories, government agencies, banks and transport systems in India, US, Russia have been affected. The fast spreading capability of this ransomware has made it really dangerous.     What WannaCry Ransomware DoesRead More →

apple 5s iphone

E-commerce platform is selling iPhone 5S for ₹15,999, which is definitely a great opportunity for those who wants to experience iOS for the first time. But to be honest it is not an easy choice for Indian smartphone users because they can get an Android phone with great camera, vibrant high def screen, lag free performance and more importantly amazing battery life at that price or even less. Is iphone 5s worth buying in 2017? The answer is “Yes”.   Although it is a good deal, as a user you age going to make few compromises. The first compromise would be its battery whichRead More →

Plannar Elliptical Runner

There are many places where human presence is required but sometimes it is either too dangerous or very remote, for example a nuclear power plant or in a planetary exploration mission.In such cases robots come into use. Robotic scientists take inspirations from various sources to design robots that would overcome all those locomotion challenges a typical robot faces. And more than anything biomechanics has influenced scientists to design and develop robots with enhanced capabilities over traditional robots. Learning concepts from nature and applying them to the robotic design is not new, but this time a team of researchers at Florida Institute for Human and MachineRead More →

phishing attack

A new and unique kind of phishing attack is spreading rapidly among Google Docs users. If you use Google Docs please make sure your google account is not infected already. If you suspect  it is infected, go to your Google Account Security Checkup. Check if your google account recovery information is correct and uptodate, and also check which devices are connected to your Google account. And finally look over the permissions you have allotted to various apps, devices and plugins. If you find something suspective in the list, remove it.   This sure is not going to rub out your misery if you are alreadyRead More →

macos malware

When it comes to malware macOS is as vulnerable as any other operating system. Lately the new macOS malware is hitting the headlines on account of its nasty method of taking over user’s PC. It all starts with a standard phishing attack. The victim receives an email with a subject line that there is some issue with your tax return (or something equally intriguing). For more details it recommends user to download a .zip file that is attached with the email. When the user tries to open the .zip file a malware executable file (named AppStore) gets executed and it automatically gets downloaded in theRead More →

leap ware

Taiwan based company Acer realised its new fitness-themed smartwatch “Leap Ware” today. Before we go deep into its features, my first impression was like at least it looks like a smartwatch unlike Acer’s 2015 release “The Liquid Leap”. Priced $139, Leap Ware comes in two color bands, Navy Blue and Light Brown. This smartwatch can be integrated with iOS or Android devices using Acer’s “Liquid Life app which you can freely download from Apple app store or Android play. Significant Tech Details: 1.6 inch display Gorilla Glass SR+ Scratch Protection IPx7 Water Resistance (It can withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter for upRead More →

samsung galaxy s8

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ to launch in India on April 19 and are likely to release on April 21.   Price: Unknown but approximately price in india for Galaxy S8 would be around 48,000 and for Galaxy S8+ it would be 55,000 Processor: Samsung’s Exynos processor and Qualcomm’s 835 processor Display: 5.8-inch Super AMOLED display with QHD resolution (and 531ppi) and Gorilla Glass 5 protection RAM: 4 GB ROM (internal storage): 64 GB ( can be expanded up to 256 GB using a microSD card) OS: Android 7.0 Nougat UI: TouchWiz UI Cameras: 8MP smart auto-focus front camera, and 12MP dual-pixel rear camera withRead More →

trappist 1 system

We humans may be kind of a cosmic fluke in the universe but since thousands of years we are looking for other possible extraordinarily rarity like us in the universe, in other words we are looking for another earth with life in it. Looking at the big sky and the universe it is so difficult to imagine that we are alone. From ancient times to present day this thought has intrigued many scientists and enthusiasts  to explore the sky. But despite all the efforts so far there never been detected any form of life in any other planet. We know our Earth is special butRead More →

artificial intelligence

If you think the possible negative effects of artificial intelligence will only be felt after a decade or two, here is one example how artificial intelligence has already started affecting negatively in some people’s lives. A Japanese insurance company “Fukoko Mutual Life Insurance” has replaced 34 employees with an artificial intelligent system. By doing this the company is going to increase productivity by 30%, because the system will be able to perform the task much faster and with 100% accuracy. If that happens it may turn out to be a disaster for employees in Japan because other companies will start replacing their employees with artificialRead More →