vertical farming

Plenty, a San Francisco based vertical farming startup has managed to impress Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son to get a huge $200 million investment. Masayoshi Son is the  founder and CEO of SoftTech, a tech-investment company. This is a great news for the fans of vertical farming. What is Vertical Farming? What are the Claims? Vertical farming is a way of producing food, especially leafy greens (vegetables), in vertically stacked layers, indoor. It uses artificial lights (specialized LEDs) to replace the Sun and soil is replaced by reusable cloths prepared from recycled plastic. So basically, vertical indoor farmers do not need soil or the sun toRead More →

artificial intelligence

If you are blessed with a super brain, it might not be the best way for you to learn something by following instructions blindly. Rather you must understand and figure out your own way of doing it. That is what applicable to self-learning AIs when it learns something new.   Teaching an AI how to walk does not help it much, because when the AI with robotic legs try to follow the instructions and tries to walk, it struggles a lot in the real world.   The best method of teaching an AI is to let it discover new concepts (of doing it) on itsRead More →

how to become rich

What it takes to become rich? Stock Market and bond investment? Or starting one’s own business? Or saving? None of them. Or maybe they all contribute to make you a millionaire! But we are here to talk about something else today. Like something magical… right? So, Let’s get started! Doesn’t matter if you sell milk, or street food, or you are a blogger, or you do a 9to5 job… you’re need to cultivate the following 4 habits to become rich. At least you will become “an eligible millionaire” candidate who deserves to acquire fortune.   Right Mindset First thing you need to do is toRead More →

nuclear power plant india

A lack of preparation causes things from go bad to worse. Is India prepared for a possible state-sponsored cyber attack? These days nuclear power plants are the “hot targets” of cyber criminals. India has 8 nuclear power plants with 22 nuclear reactors in operation. Keeping in mind India’s current stressful relation with major cyber power China, should India be concerned about its cyber security? The answer is Yes. India should be concerned. Although nuclear power plants are very securely guarded places in India, when it comes to cyber security, nuclear power plants are equally vulnerable as any other computer network. Why would state-sponsored hackers attackRead More →

entrepreneur dropout

Apart from being dreamers, wildly successful entrepreneurs are visionaries, inventors, thinkers and do-ers. And finally they are dropouts! At least some of they are dropouts…. Although dropping out from school or college isn’t a recommended path to follow, if you have too many ambitions to put them on hold for several years while earning college degrees, dropping out can be an option. So here is a list of reasons why wildly successful entrepreneurs prefer to be dropouts. 5 Reasons Why Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs Are Dropouts Entrepreneurs are Daredevils! Finishing school and college assure your future. (Well, somehow!) But who wants a secure future? Entrepreneurs don’t!Read More →


Ransomwares and wipers are similar kind of evil-intentioned softwares, what makes them different is their primary goals. A ransomware’s aim is financial gain, while wiper is more directed towards mass data destruction. Ransomware is a kind of software designed to block the access of a computer system, or block the access of files of certain kind. Hackers promise to release the computer or encrypted files when the victim pay the ransom. The prime purpose of this kind of attack is money. Ransomwares modify the computer disk or files in such a way that makes it possible to get the victim’s data back when required. GenerallyRead More →

ai chatbot

Job-search can be seriously frustrating, especially when you desperately need a job or a job change. Although we get hundreds for suggestions and recommendations from various job-portals, none of them are really relevant. You wish you had a personal assistant to help you find a new job or move up in your career! Here comes the jobsearch AI bot to make your job search a little bit easier.   A jobsearch AI bot is a kind of chat bot that is specifically programmed to assist a jobseeker in his or her job search. Unlike typical bots, which only follow certain human-composed set of rules, anRead More →

phone explode

Most of the times it is the battery that causes the explosion in a phone. Although phone’s hardware and/or software may play a role, ultimately it is the battery that results into a mini nuclear explosion in your pocket. The present day, lithium-ion is one of the most successful and safe battery available, yet occasionally these rechargeable efficient power units lose their cool and go Bang!! Primarily, two types of abuses that lead a battery to explode. Puncture Puncture kind of thing can happen when you drop your phone or allow your phone to come under excessive pressure. Excessive pressure on batteries may not cause anRead More →

android ransomware

Everybody is talking about ransomware and Windows security loopholes after the deadly extortion attack last Friday. But what about the 800 million android users worldwide? Are android users vulnerable to any kind of android ransomware (malware) attack? Yes, just like Windows OS, Android is also vulnerable to malware attacks, especially ransomware attacks. In fact, researchers rank ransomware the number one mobile malware risk for 2016-17. Our dependence on smartphones is increasing day by day, thanks to the advancement in the smartphone technology. Latest smartphones meet our technological needs with ease. Now a days if you have a latest smartphone probably you are not going toRead More →


WannaCry? Well, we all go through that emotion but right now we are not talking about that feeling but about a dangerous ransomware that can truly make you cry. In couple of days “WannaCry” ransomware has made 100,000 users from 150 countries cry. WannaCry ransomware attack is the biggest extortion attack ever recorded. It has already affected Britain’s hospital network, Germany’s national railway network, and many universities in China. Apart from that many factories, government agencies, banks and transport systems in India, US, Russia have been affected. The fast spreading capability of this ransomware has made it really dangerous.     What WannaCry Ransomware DoesRead More →