Artificial Intelligence Helps Greenhouse Farmers Grow Better Crops

Prospera, an Israeli digital farming company, has created an AI based software that is capable of controlling pests and diseases in greenhouses. The AI software is based on the theory that early detection of insects, diseases and dying plants can help grow better crops. This AI based technology inspired NatureSweet to adopt it in its greenhouses. NatureSweet is a in San Antonio (Texas, United States) based greenhouse farming company that grows, harvests, and packages tomatoes. After adopting this new technology, within 1 year, NatureSweet has managed to improve its greenhouses tomato yields by 20%. Very soon NatureSweet will implement the same AI technology in its other 5 greenhouses in the US and Mexico.

How This Technology Works:

There are 10 cameras installed on the ceiling of the greenhouse, which are programmed to take photos of the plants continuously 24/7. And it feeds the image data to the Prospera software, which immediately process the images, compares them with earlier photos and other photos from the database, to detect its condition, like insect detection, disease detection, �dying plant detection or harvesting time detection.   This AI based technology not only has improved the harvest, but it tremendously reduced labor costs. NatureSweet had employed 8000 people for the same job, before adopting this technology. Which was slow and quite expensive.

A Ray of Hope For Vertical Farming

Plenty, a San Francisco based vertical farming startup has managed to impress Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son to get a huge $200 million investment. Masayoshi Son is the �founder and CEO of SoftTech, a tech-investment company. This is a great news for the fans of vertical farming.

What is Vertical Farming? What are the Claims?

Vertical farming is a way of producing food, especially leafy greens (vegetables), in vertically stacked layers, indoor. It uses artificial lights (specialized LEDs) to replace the Sun and soil is replaced by reusable cloths prepared from recycled plastic. So basically, vertical indoor farmers do not need soil or the sun to produce food. This may sounds a bit odd in the beginning but experts believe this kind of farming is not going to make any difference in the quality, taste and structure of the food. In fact these type of farming can be called organic because no pesticides or herbicides are used. Vertical indoor farming can produce �leafy greens 130 times more than a regular field farming. This innovative farming technology uses 95% less water than regular farming.

Is Vertical Farming the Future of Farming?

Is vertical farming the future? It can be, but there are some doubts related to its long term application. The energy consumption is the real question. Is it efficient to use artificial lights in place of solar energy? While the humanity is looking to use the solar power as much as possible, how smart is it to replace solar energy with electric bulbs?

Specialized LEDs

The specialized LED light by Philips are more energy efficient than regular LED lights, because unlike regular LED light, these LED lights are designed to produce only two lights: red and blue. �Plants need blue and red lights to perform its photosynthesis.   Still some experts are skeptical about vertical farming�s real application.

Future of Food Production:

The number of human beings our planet can sustain is not defined. But, there is one rule: we need food to survive. By 2050 there will be around 10 billion mouths to feed. Can we produce the food that will be required for that number of people without destroying forest and our grazing land for livestock? �Going to a supermarket might makes you feel that there is abundance of food supply but that actually is an illusion. Food is becoming scarce because demand and population growth are getting ahead of food supply. We humans may notice less diverse things on our plates in very near future. We must find new efficient ways of growing food. Vertical indoor farming looks promising in that sense, because it requires less space, less water and more importantly it produces food way faster than general horizontal farming. Vertical farming is not here to replace traditional way of farming, but it�s another way of producing some specific kind of food. Just like field farming is good for crops like soybean, wheat and corn. Inhouse farming is great for growing peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers etc. Vertical farming is fantastic for producing leafy greens (leafy vegetables) like butterhead lettuce, iceberg lettuce, �radicchio, ornamental kale, spinach etc.

Best Way To Teach An AI to Walk Like Humans

If you are blessed with a super brain, it might not be the best way for you to learn something by following instructions blindly. Rather you must understand and figure out your own way of doing it. That is what applicable to self-learning AIs when it learns something new.   Teaching an AI how to walk does not help it much, because when the AI with robotic legs try to follow the instructions and tries to walk, it struggles a lot in the real world.   The best method of teaching an AI is to let it discover new concepts (of doing it) on its own. It helps childlike development in an AI. Which most of the times produce astonishing results.   We humans are pretty smart when it comes to moving on different surfaces. We are not designed for a single purpose. For humans moving does not always mean running, but sometimes it can be jumping, turning or crouching. AI learns this of its own with experience and exposure. It finds the hidden insights of walking (moving), instead of following instructions.   Allowing an AI to discover its own way of walking helps AI develop a human-like thinking process. This process of learning �helps an AI to understand its own momentum and physical space so it can overcome tasks in complex environments.

4 Steps To Get Successful And Rich!

What it takes to become rich? Stock Market and bond investment? Or starting one�s own business? Or saving? None of them. Or maybe they all contribute to make you a millionaire! But we are here to talk about something else today. Like something magical� right? So, Let�s get started! Doesn’t matter if you sell milk, or street food, or you are a blogger, or you do a 9to5 job� you�re need to cultivate the following 4 habits to become rich. At least you will become �an eligible millionaire� candidate who deserves to acquire fortune.

Right Mindset

First thing you need to do is to make sure you really have that kind of mindset. Are you intrigued to create wealth? If you are, then you must be the kind of person who likes to save money, who doesn�t appreciate wasting money, and who believes in making investment, no matter how small.

Handle Uncertainties

How you handle uncertainties. Uncertainties are a part of life. When you become face to face with uncertainties, you become confused. And you fail to take any decision. And when you take no decision, you zero your chances of happening anything positive! Not happening anything is worse than failure. Because when you fail, at least you learn something. You learn what not to do. But when you take no decision out of confusion, it takes you one step backward. Sometimes you feel uncertain about the outcome, and you give up. That�s not good! Stay calm and don�t lose faith in yourself even at the time of uncertainties. Everyone faces uncertainties. You try to be that kind of person who handles it better than others.

Take Immediate Action

Take action immediately. We all get ideas, all the time, but not everyone is good at implementing those ideas into reality. Successful people are usually good at applying their ideas in there life immediately. They don�t even wait for the next day, they implement the idea immediately, before the same kind of idea comes to someone else�s mind. Make your speed of implementation faster.

Value Time

Value your time. Successful people value their time more than average people do. They try to make use of every second they have. They understand that everybody has only 24 hours in a day, which can not be extended even for one millisecond. But what they can do, that others do not do, is maximizing the use of time for the purpose of their goal of becoming successful and rich. When you invest maximum time on your goal, it helps you to focus on it better.   Right mindset, ability to handle uncertainty, fast implementation of ideas, and value time: these �4 magical steps, set you up to become successful and therefore rich! In worst case, if you did not become rich, at least these 4 steps will definitely make you more financially independent than you are right now. That�s a Promise!

What If China Launches A Cyber Attack On Indian Nuclear Power Plants

A lack of preparation causes things from go bad to worse. Is India prepared for a possible state-sponsored cyber attack? These days nuclear power plants are the �hot targets� of cyber criminals. India has 8 nuclear power plants with 22 nuclear reactors in operation. Keeping in mind India�s current stressful relation with major cyber power China, should India be concerned about its cyber security? The answer is Yes. India should be concerned. Although nuclear power plants are very securely guarded places in India, when it comes to cyber security, nuclear power plants are equally vulnerable as any other computer network.

Why would state-sponsored hackers attack Nuclear Power Plants?

State-sponsored hackers do not look for monetary rewards but they aim for something more menacing. In general, such cyber criminals do not target individuals but a large corporate or government computer networks to cause maximum damage. Following are some of the possible reasons why hackers may launch a cyber attack on nuclear power plants in India.

  1. Causing disruption to the operation of energy facilities
  2. Stealing industrial secrets or infrastructure trade secrets
  3. Plan to cause destruction
  4. To map out the computer networks to inform potential future attacks in bigger scale


What kind of destruction hackers can cause in a nuclear power plant?

The cyber attack designed by United States and Israel (Stuxnet) to hit Iran�s prime nuclear power plant in the year 2008, revealed how a cyber attack could destroy physical infrastructure. And today, in the year 2017, we are more dependant on computers. More significant functions are being operated via computers in power plants. If cyber criminals attack a nuclear power plant in India, there is going to be more devastation than Iran.

If damaged following are the possible consequences:


  1. Could lead to fire and explosion.
  2. Could spill dangerous radioactive material
  3. That may results into a local/ national disaster on public health or safety, economic or national security.
  4. Electricity disruptions and prolonged power outages

How hackers target big corporates or government computer networks:

Hackers take a different route to trick computer users in a nuclear power plant.

  1. Hackers send targeted and personalized emails messages containing fake resumes for various vacant technical positions. �They usually sent their job application to the senior industrial control engineers who maintain broad access to critical industrial control systems.
  2. The fake job application email contains an attached file. Once the recipients clicked on attachment, attackers could steal their credentials and proceed to other machines on a network.
  3. Sometimes the hackers compromise legitimate websites that they know the nuclear power plant staffs frequently visit.
  4. Sometimes they redirects their victims� internet traffic through their own machines.

Top 5 Reasons Why Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs Are Dropouts!

Apart from being dreamers, wildly successful entrepreneurs are visionaries, inventors, thinkers and do-ers. And finally they are dropouts! At least some of they are dropouts�. Although dropping out from school or college isn�t a recommended path to follow, if you have too many ambitions to put them on hold for several years while earning college degrees, dropping out can be an option. So here is a list of reasons why wildly successful entrepreneurs prefer to be dropouts.

5 Reasons Why Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs Are Dropouts

Entrepreneurs are Daredevils!

Finishing school and college assure your future. (Well, somehow!) But who wants a secure future? Entrepreneurs don�t! They are risk takers�. Daredevils. Not Delhi Daredevils, but Daredevils. The real ones (fictitious-real), like you see in comic-books.

They hate educational institutions!

Although, hate is an extreme word to use in this context, they actually do dislike institutions and the education system. They don�t suggest any particular kind of change in the education system, yet, they simply reject it. Entrepreneurs believe in unconventional ways of learning, like online courses, podcasts, ebook, audiobook, wikipedia, youtube tutorials etc. (You know which one is my favorite? The last one, youtube tutorials. :D)

They don�t do what others tell them to do!

Nobody does! But entrepreneurs take this to another level. They easily get bored of doing assignments, projects and exams. They seriously feel like their independence is being taken away in a school or college environment.

They value real exposure and experience more.

No matter how educated you are, unless you get exposed to the real world, you are unproficient. The experience you gain from real world exposure takes you to the next level of success. Keeping that belief in mind, entrepreneur try to start their entrepreneurial journey as soon as possible.

They think out of the box

If you blindly follow what others are doing, your success as a successful entrepreneur is doubtful. People with entrepreneurial mindset find it very hard to sustain in a school or college environment where they don�t get too many opportunities to try out new things and think out of the box.

Difference Between Ransomware And Wiper

Ransomwares and wipers are similar kind of evil-intentioned softwares, what makes them different is their primary goals. A ransomware�s aim is financial gain, while wiper is more directed towards mass data destruction. Ransomware is a kind of software designed to block the access of a computer system, or block the access of files of certain kind. Hackers promise to release the computer or encrypted files when the victim pay the ransom. The prime purpose of this kind of attack is money. Ransomwares modify the computer disk or files in such a way that makes it possible to get the victim�s data back when required. Generally behind a ransomware attack there is a hacker group. The idea behind a ransomware attack is financial gain, not data destruction. On the other hand wiper is a similar kind of malicious software designed to �block the access of a computer system or certain kind of files, but the difference is that a wiper�s main purpose is to destroy the data. Although wipers demand for money just like ransomwares, they never give the victims the access of their encrypted files. Wipers are typically politically motivated and their prime purpose is mass destruction of data and causing maximum damage. Wiper are not specifically designed to collect money from individuals or enterprises. Wipers overwrite the data on the disk, keeping no options of recovery of the data. Behind wiper attacks there�s always a nation state involved. Wipers typically targets a particular region or country. While ransomware targets globally. Usually it is not easy to detect if a malicious software is a ransomware or a wiper, because both of them follow exactly the same strategy and steps to attack their victims. But if you look over their payment option you can clearly have an idea if it�s a ransomware or a wiper. Ransomware creators try their best to create the payment process as easy as possible, on the other hand wiper makers don�t really care about the payment option. In most cases the payment option is either erroneous or too complicated for the victim.

Jobsearch AI Bot Will Help You Find Your Dream Job

Job-search can be seriously frustrating, especially when you desperately need a job or a job change. Although we get hundreds for suggestions and recommendations from various job-portals, none of them are really relevant. You wish you had a personal assistant to help you find a new job or move up in your career! Here comes the jobsearch AI bot to make your job search a little bit easier.   A jobsearch AI bot is a kind of chat bot that is specifically programmed to assist a jobseeker in his or her job search. Unlike typical bots, which only follow certain human-composed set of rules, an AI bot learns via AI techniques and get better with time.

How does it help?

  1. Jobsearch AI bots help both employers and jobseekers in the recruitment process. AI bots �check a potential candidate�s qualifications to make sure they�re an ideal match with a company. At the same time, it manages jobseeker�s applications to help better their chances of getting a job.
  2. Human recruiters do not invest more time than 6 seconds to judge a job application, which many believe is unfair. Job Applicants need to craft their job applications in a way that would manage to impress the recruiter in 6 seconds. That sounds ridiculous! AI bots can help a jobseeker craft his or her resume that will land him or her a job. It also helps the jobseeker figure out which keywords to use and what traits companies are looking for.
  3. AI powered jobsearch jobs can become your able personal career advisor. It not only helps your find the right career path for you, it also suggest you very relevant opportunities.
  4. AI bots learns more about your job preferences over time. The more you use it, more intelligent and efficient it gets in assisting you.

Top 5 AI bots at the moment:

  1. Woo (
  2. Newton (
  3. Stella (
  4. Mosaic (
  5. Wade and Wendy (

For more details about above listed AI bots visit their official websites.

Two Reasons Of Phones Explosion And Seven Measures To Prevent It

Most of the times it is the battery that causes the explosion in a phone. Although phone�s hardware and/or software may play a role, ultimately it is the battery that results into a mini nuclear explosion in your pocket. The present day, lithium-ion is one of the most successful and safe battery available, yet occasionally these rechargeable efficient power units lose their cool and go Bang!! Primarily, two types of abuses that lead a battery to explode.


Puncture kind of thing can happen when you drop your phone or allow your phone to come under excessive pressure.�Excessive pressure on batteries may not cause an explosion right away, but it weakens the separator inside the battery and later on that can results into devastating consequences.


Heat can generate in your phone for a whole bunch of reasons: 1) when you play a high-graphic game on your phone, 2) when you run an app that consumes lot of your phone processor, 3) when you keep your phone close to something hot or under direct sunlight, 4) when your phone is on charge etc. When your phone battery gets hot for some reason, in releases energy that further multiplies temperature. This process is called �Thermal runaway�. Often thermal runaway process results into an exposition in a lithium-ion battery.

How to prevent a phone battery explosion?

You can take the following measures to minimize the chances your phone battery explosion:

  1. If your phone is getting HOT for any reason, just stop doing it, give your phone a break. For example if your phone is on charge and if you notice that your phone is turning too hot, switch off the charger. Let your phone to cool down a bit and then charge. For example if you�re playing a game for long and if your phone is getting hot, stop playing the game.
  2. Do not cover your phone when charging. If your phone has a cover, better remove it before charging.
  3. Do not charge your phone under direct sunlight or close to something hot like stove or heater.
  4. Do not allow your phone to come under excessive pressure, in other words, do not sit on it.
  5. Have a good and branded charger. Stick to the first party charger if possible.
  6. Do not use old, damaged or defective batteries.
  7. In case if you are wondering how to handle a swollen battery, here is a good news for you. You do not have to handle a swollen battery, just replace it with a new one. It�s that simple!


Always keep your eyes on your battery temperature while using it or while it is on charge. If it feels like it is generating more than normal heat, either stop using your device for 30 to 45 minutes, or think about replacing the battery. Do not ignore the heat issue of your smart device. Researchers are working on a new kind of battery technology that they believe is going to be noncombustible (won�t explode), long lasting (will take more charge discharge cycle), and will be capable of holding 3 times more energy. Until researchers come up with a safe and better alternative, stay safe and be careful dealing with lithium-ion batteries.

Android Ransomware – How To Stay Safe

Everybody is talking about ransomware and Windows security loopholes after the deadly extortion attack last Friday. But what about the 800 million android users worldwide? Are android users vulnerable to any kind of android ransomware (malware) attack? Yes, just like Windows OS, Android is also vulnerable to malware attacks, especially ransomware attacks. In fact, researchers rank ransomware the number one mobile malware risk for 2016-17. Our dependence on smartphones is increasing day by day, thanks to the advancement in the smartphone technology. Latest smartphones meet our technological needs with ease. Now a days if you have a latest smartphone probably you are not going to need a PC or Laptop computer. From emails to social networking to financial transaction to online purchase, everything is smoothly operated from a smart device. Keeping that in mind cyber criminals have shifted their focus to smartphone users, especially android users. As you can imagine, ransomware has become a big business for cybercriminals and this ugly trend is expected to become a more serious problem in the future.

How ransomware works in an android device?

Third-party installation of apps exposes an android device�s security vulnerabilities. Most of the victims of ransomware are those who do not mind installing apps from third-party source. Cybercriminals trick victims by asking them to install certain video player or flash player to watch some interesting video. Some victims are lured by the promise of being able to install pirated paid APK files of some paid games or other types of paid apps for free. Once the ransomware is installed in the android device it does either of the following two things:

It locks the device�s screen (Lock-Screen Ransomware)

Commonly, these kind of ransomwares are coded by inexperienced and unprofessional script kiddies. This kind of ransomwares locks the device�s screen and do not allow the victim to use, reboot or shutdown the device. Generally under this kind of ransomware attacks victim�s personal files are not encrypted. Most of the times you can recover your personal files by rebooting your device in safe mode. To reboot your android device press and hold your device’s power button for a few seconds until the Android OS prompts you to turn off your device. Next, tap and hold Power off for a few seconds until your phone asks you to confirm that you want to enter safe mode. In safe mode you can also uninstall the installed malicious app. But it is not always that easy. Sometimes your android device does not reboot at all and you end up with losing your personal files. One instance of this kind of ransomware is �Jiust�. Jiust was a localized ransomware and it targeted Chinese android users.

It encrypts victim�s personal files (Crypto-ransomware)

These kind of ransomware cause more serious damages, because it encrypts the personal files of a victim and on most occasions the victim lose them. Even meeting the demand of the cybercriminals does not guarantee the recovery of the personal files. Crypto-ransomwares is capable of encrypting your personal files present both in your device�s memory and SD card. It uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm to encrypt victim�s personal files. AES algorithm is a 128-bit encryption which is considered to be logically unbreakable. That means once your files are encrypted using AES algorithm, it is almost impossible to decode them without the keys. One example of this kind of ransomware is �Simplocker�. In the year 2014 �Simplocker�emerged from the Russian underground forum. It made the victims feel that their device is locked by the law enforcement agency, because they detected some illegal activities on victim’s android device. Either way it completely disable your device and leave the victim with two options, pay the demanded money or lose personal files. Apart from above two most commonly used methods, some ransomwares can pretend to be some kind of anti-virus program, or adult video player app. But what’s common among all of them is their demand of a sum of money from the victim while promising to release the encrypted files in exchange. Cybercriminals use cryptocurrencies like MoneyPak, BitCoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Ripple etc. Cryptocurrencies does not require any connection to banks, and that helps cyber criminals to stay safe from law-enforcement agencies.

Android Ransomware Prevention:

Backup Your Files

The first thing you gotta do is to backup your personal and important files. Ransomwares can never do any harm if you practice backing up your important files regularly. We all know that backing up files is important, but normally we do not expect anything terrible so we ignore it. Backing up files not only save your files from cybercriminals but from fire accidents, theft or device failure. It is crucial to backup your files. Start today. If your files are extremely important for you, going for multiple backup is a great idea. You can backup your files using a flash drive, or an external hard drive. Another good option is cloud storage.

Keep Your Android Software Current:

Updating software is not only about getting new features but making sure your software do not have any security loopholes. Android operating system often leads to big downloads and prolonged installation times, but you have to remember that it is very crucial to keep your android operating system current for security reasons. Not just the operating system but keep your apps updated. If you want to stay safe online do not forget to keep your softwares, operating system and apps up to date.

Mobile Security Suite:

Unlike Apple, not all android apps are checked and monitored for potential security threats. Although google�s security is good, its safeguards can be bypassed. That adds extra responsibilities on the user. Keeping that in mind installing a reliable and paid mobile security suite can be a good decision. Some of the best options are: Norton Mobile Security, Avast Mobile Security and Kaspersky Antivirus & Security.

Check App Permissions:

Take a look at the permissions you have granted to various installed apps. Although permissions are important for apps to run properly, sometimes apps ask for unnecessary permissions. Cybercriminals exploit this to access user information. If an app asks for permissions that looks like irrelevant, better do not install it, unless it is a popular and reputed app.

Install Apps From Reputable Source:

Always depend only on reputable stores like Google Play Store or Amazon to install apps. 3rd party installation is never safe unless you are too sure about its security. It is not easy for general users to distinguish between a good .APK file from bad one. In that case it is better not to risk. Generally, cybercriminals plant malicious apps on shady websites and on unknown sources to trap android users.