autonomous vehicles India

A month back union transport minister Nitin Gadkari announced that India is not going to allow autonomous vehicles on its roads, because it will only increase the number of unemployed people. Undoubtedly this announcement from union transport minister’s mouth must be a relief for many drivers, those who earn their living from this profession. But is it even possible for an autonomous vehicle to run on Indian roads? It is going to be a massive challenge for an autonomous vehicle to be practicable on Indian roads. The first obstacle on the way of an autonomous vehicle is to deal with the unexpected and dangerous eventsRead More →

greenhouse tomato

Prospera, an Israeli digital farming company, has created an AI based software that is capable of controlling pests and diseases in greenhouses. The AI software is based on the theory that early detection of insects, diseases and dying plants can help grow better crops. This AI based technology inspired NatureSweet to adopt it in its greenhouses. NatureSweet is a in San Antonio (Texas, United States) based greenhouse farming company that grows, harvests, and packages tomatoes. After adopting this new technology, within 1 year, NatureSweet has managed to improve its greenhouses tomato yields by 20%. Very soon NatureSweet will implement the same AI technology in itsRead More →

artificial intelligence

If you are blessed with a super brain, it might not be the best way for you to learn something by following instructions blindly. Rather you must understand and figure out your own way of doing it. That is what applicable to self-learning AIs when it learns something new.   Teaching an AI how to walk does not help it much, because when the AI with robotic legs try to follow the instructions and tries to walk, it struggles a lot in the real world.   The best method of teaching an AI is to let it discover new concepts (of doing it) on itsRead More →

ai chatbot

Job-search can be seriously frustrating, especially when you desperately need a job or a job change. Although we get hundreds for suggestions and recommendations from various job-portals, none of them are really relevant. You wish you had a personal assistant to help you find a new job or move up in your career! Here comes the jobsearch AI bot to make your job search a little bit easier.   A jobsearch AI bot is a kind of chat bot that is specifically programmed to assist a jobseeker in his or her job search. Unlike typical bots, which only follow certain human-composed set of rules, anRead More →

artificial intelligence

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Artificial Intelligence” or AI? Probably a humanoid robot that you see in sci-fi movies like C-3PO of “Star War” or Dolores of “West World”, right? In more practical sense if we look for Artificial Intelligence’s real definition then probably we would go for the dictionary definition. Dictionary defines artificial intelligence as the process of simulating human like intelligence and behavior in a computer is “artificial intelligence”. Another dictionary definition of AI is that the capability of a machine to imitate human intelligent behaviour is called “artificial intelligence”. But do theseRead More →

artificial intelligence

If you think the possible negative effects of artificial intelligence will only be felt after a decade or two, here is one example how artificial intelligence has already started affecting negatively in some people’s lives. A Japanese insurance company “Fukoko Mutual Life Insurance” has replaced 34 employees with an artificial intelligent system. By doing this the company is going to increase productivity by 30%, because the system will be able to perform the task much faster and with 100% accuracy. If that happens it may turn out to be a disaster for employees in Japan because other companies will start replacing their employees with artificialRead More →

artificial intelligence

When it comes to AI, we often hear about how AI could increase unemployment, but the truth is that in future we humans are going to let AI take some very sensitive decisions for us like who lives and who dies if such a situation arises. Will you be comfortable trusting a  self-driving car or a robotic surgeon while they take a life and death decisions for you? May be not, or you may get used to it in future! Afterall AI is way better than us when it comes to predicting things. And obviously you take smart decisions when you can predict things. ButRead More →

artificial intelligence

In a recent survey conducted by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research, researchers found that unlike some science fiction writers, philosophers and scientists, general people keep an open mind about AI. Although they do believe that in future AI might cause job loss, security issues, and privacy infringement issues, overall they guess AI will make their lives better and more importantly AI will not turn into killer robots. The researchers surveyed 2,100 consumers online in the U.S, Canada, the UK, China, and Brazil. Here are some interesting stats on what do people think about artificial intelligence: 45% consumers see AI’s impact on society positive, while onlyRead More →

ecommerce AI

When a user shop online, he/she expects online shopping experience to be easy and personalized. And from a seller’s point of view, better user experience maximizes sales. To satisfy the need of the both side, Artificial Intelligence is largely being used in the retail industry, especially on eCommerce sites. From recommending products to provide live chat (chatbots) support, to help customers throughout the shopping process (from adding to cart to help customers check out), AI is always there to ensure customer happiness and in the process drive sales and revenue.   What’s The Future on AI in Retail Industry? Unlike other industries like automobile orRead More →

Typically Industrial robots are programmed to perform a specific task precisely and accurately. But when production run changes, these robots need to be reprogrammed from the very beginning (programming robot sensors, motors and more). Robotics programming is time-consuming, complex, can be a very tedious work, and it costs money. Manufacturing industries go through frequent production changes, and for them reprogramming their robots is an issue. Japanese robotics manufacturing company Fanuc, which is one of the largest makers of industrial robots in the world, is trying make these big and dumb industrial robots smarter by adding learning capabilities to them. Fanus will work with Nvidia, aRead More →