malvertising attack

What is a malvertising attack? The word “Malvertising” means malicious advertising. In this malicious practice hackers target the visitors of genuine and reputed websites. And for that they either sneak into a reputed advertising networks like Adsense or Infolinks, or well known popular websites like Yahoo, New York Times, The Onion etc. When you as a user visit a website infected with malvertising malware, your system get infected with advertising malware. The most worrying fact of this malware is that it does not require any kind of user interaction (like clicking on a ad or a link). How dangerous is a malvertising attack? It dependsRead More →

user data

In the previous post, we discussed how Disney apps leak children (user) information without the consent of parents. But the fact is that, it is not just Disney apps, but most of the popular free apps( both on Apple store and Google Play Store) sell sensitive user information to the advertisers unlawfully. In a recent research, researchers have found that almost 47% of the apple apps, and 73% of the android apps, sell some kind of user information to advertisers. Medical apps are more notorious in this department, because medical app users share more sensitive data than others. What kind of data app creators sellRead More →

nuclear power plant india

A lack of preparation causes things from go bad to worse. Is India prepared for a possible state-sponsored cyber attack? These days nuclear power plants are the “hot targets” of cyber criminals. India has 8 nuclear power plants with 22 nuclear reactors in operation. Keeping in mind India’s current stressful relation with major cyber power China, should India be concerned about its cyber security? The answer is Yes. India should be concerned. Although nuclear power plants are very securely guarded places in India, when it comes to cyber security, nuclear power plants are equally vulnerable as any other computer network. Why would state-sponsored hackers attackRead More →

android ransomware

Everybody is talking about ransomware and Windows security loopholes after the deadly extortion attack last Friday. But what about the 800 million android users worldwide? Are android users vulnerable to any kind of android ransomware (malware) attack? Yes, just like Windows OS, Android is also vulnerable to malware attacks, especially ransomware attacks. In fact, researchers rank ransomware the number one mobile malware risk for 2016-17. Our dependence on smartphones is increasing day by day, thanks to the advancement in the smartphone technology. Latest smartphones meet our technological needs with ease. Now a days if you have a latest smartphone probably you are not going toRead More →

Mr Jonathan Phua

Successful people make many sacrifices to follow their dreams.Success does not come overnight, it takes time and requires lot of focus and perseverance. Here is a recent example of how two guys achieved success and recognition by making sacrifices and by blindly following their dreams. I’m sharing this with you because I believe there are many people on this page here who can relate to this story.   Mr Jonathan Phua, 39 years old, was a programming geek. He started his career at DSO National Laboratory as a programmer. Although he was getting a handsome pay packet, he always wanted to start his own cyberRead More →