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In average, one person eats 1 kg food and drinks 2 kg (2 liter) water every day, compared to breathing about 13 kg of air per day, which is 4x more than he/she eats and drinks. The air we breathe is a mix of pollutants that come from various sources or are created from different chemical reactions in the atmosphere. Air pollution is a big issue, yet sometimes we ignore it. Because we all do not face air pollution equally. Even within a city there are places with more polluted air than other corners of the same city. But we have to realize that airRead More →

electric car

The fight between battery vehicles (plug-in electric vehicles or EVs) and vehicles with internal combustion engine is going to get savage in the coming decade. While countries like Germany and UK are planning to ban internal combustion engine vehicles by 2030 and 2040, US and China are looking for increasing the sales of gasoline (petrol) and diesel powered vehicles, by making them more efficient. Mazda Motor Corporation and Nissan are developing new technology that will make internal combustion engine vehicles more efficient and systematic. The new technology will increase the fuel economy and will sharply lower emission. This news might upset battery vehicle admirers outRead More →