Ransomwares and wipers are similar kind of evil-intentioned softwares, what makes them different is their primary goals. A ransomware’s aim is financial gain, while wiper is more directed towards mass data destruction. Ransomware is a kind of software designed to block the access of a computer system, or block the access of files of certain kind. Hackers promise to release the computer or encrypted files when the victim pay the ransom. The prime purpose of this kind of attack is money. Ransomwares modify the computer disk or files in such a way that makes it possible to get the victim’s data back when required. GenerallyRead More →

android ransomware

Everybody is talking about ransomware and Windows security loopholes after the deadly extortion attack last Friday. But what about the 800 million android users worldwide? Are android users vulnerable to any kind of android ransomware (malware) attack? Yes, just like Windows OS, Android is also vulnerable to malware attacks, especially ransomware attacks. In fact, researchers rank ransomware the number one mobile malware risk for 2016-17. Our dependence on smartphones is increasing day by day, thanks to the advancement in the smartphone technology. Latest smartphones meet our technological needs with ease. Now a days if you have a latest smartphone probably you are not going toRead More →


WannaCry? Well, we all go through that emotion but right now we are not talking about that feeling but about a dangerous ransomware that can truly make you cry. In couple of days “WannaCry” ransomware has made 100,000 users from 150 countries cry. WannaCry ransomware attack is the biggest extortion attack ever recorded. It has already affected Britain’s hospital network, Germany’s national railway network, and many universities in China. Apart from that many factories, government agencies, banks and transport systems in India, US, Russia have been affected. The fast spreading capability of this ransomware has made it really dangerous.     What WannaCry Ransomware DoesRead More →