Plannar Elliptical Runner

There are many places where human presence is required but sometimes it is either too dangerous or very remote, for example a nuclear power plant or in a planetary exploration mission.In such cases robots come into use. Robotic scientists take inspirations from various sources to design robots that would overcome all those locomotion challenges a typical robot faces. And more than anything biomechanics has influenced scientists to design and develop robots with enhanced capabilities over traditional robots. Learning concepts from nature and applying them to the robotic design is not new, but this time a team of researchers at Florida Institute for Human and MachineRead More →

3d printing

By combining today‚Äôs two most groundbreaking technologies: 3D Printing and Artificial Intelligence, A London based startup Daghan Cam Limited has built a kind of robotic 3D printing machine that can design and create (3D print) some extremely complex and challenging designs. The 3D printing process is comparably faster and it requires minimum human interference due to the presence of AI. 3D printing cost is also less because they have mixed the standard layer-by-layer design with a latticework design that prints filament at angles which allows them to use a lot less material. Founded by Daghan Cam in 2013, Daghan Cam Limited aims at creating largeRead More →