password protection

Many people choose not to care too much about their password security until it’s too late. An easy to remember password or one password for many online accounts, makes life easy for sure, but at the same time it makes you ill-protected against cybercriminals. There are a whole bunch of great advices on the internet on how to choose a strong password and how to keep yourself from being hacked, but they are of no use until we implement them in practical.   So, here are the basics: Keep your password length at least 8 character long. Anything less than 8 character long makes yourRead More →


Cybercriminals always stay creative and innovative when it comes to breaking into the privacy of innocent internet users. Cybercriminals keep their eyes on the latest online search engine trends. Searching for bollywood celebrity photos is one such trend many internet users do on regular basis. A recently conducted survey by Intel security and McAfee reported that a large numbers of cybercriminals are targeting those users who search for bollywood celebrity photos online. Cybercriminals create fake entertainment website where they let visitors download HD bollywood celebrity photos for free. When a visitor clicks on the download link a harmful .exe file gets downloaded into his/her computer. InRead More →

For decades hackers have been using various devilishly creative and unethical practices to access money, personal information and private/ government databases. But in a recent turn of events, it’s been noticed that Aussie hackers in Pakenham (in Victoria, Australia) are adopting an old trick to target computer users. And they are fairly successful at doing so. Pakenham hackers are dropping malware infected USB drive in outdoor mailboxes and in public places like parking lots in a hope that someone will plug them in a computer, unloose the malware, and allow a backdoor into their private data. Once the malware executable file gets accessed to yourRead More →

  Three ways you can make your Facebook account more secure and possibly 100% hack proof.   You can call it good or bad, but the truth is that our dependance on Facebook is increasing with every passing day. There are many things that make Facebook stand out from the rest. It works as a RSS reader for news, it helps you share your photos with your friends, it allows free video messaging, it helps you remember birthdays, and it allows users to log in to other websites etc. Facebook is good, but the only concern is the security aspect of it.   Here areRead More →

  No matter if you are using an Android device or an iOS device, if you are using a Medical or Health App, you can expect a hack in the next 6 months.   Smartphone healthcare apps have become an indispensable part of our daily lives not only because they save costs for hospital and minimize complexities of getting an appointment from a doctor, but they increase the interaction rate between the doctor and patient. Healthcare apps bridge that gap between a doctor and a patient, and make it possible to monitor patients remotely. However, healthcare apps have a dark side that many do notRead More →