Two Basic Settings Changes To Make Your Android Lag Free

There are tricks and tips to deal with android app lagging problem. Some even recommend �to install 3rd party apps to make android apps function smooth. Third party apps kill background apps, put battery hungry apps into sleep, and sometimes even fill your memory with .blank files to keep the storage clean. Do these apps really do good to your android device? It is highly doubtful. Probably they do more harm than good to your device. In the beginning these apps make user feel as if they are doing their job properly and making the android device lag free, but later on these apps start making your device slow. Because most of these apps constantly run in the background. It is like coming out from one trouble but gets caught into another. Animation is cool, but at certain point we get bored of it and look for snappiness. Animation makes your device slower and it also keeps your processor busy and as a consequence it drains your battery. Minimizing the animation (if not turning it off) can make a big difference. Here are two basic methods to make your android device snappy, without rooting or without installing any third party app. But first you will have to enable the developer option of your android device.

Setting Inside Developer Options:

First you will have to enable developer option:

  1. Go into your settings
  2. Scroll down to �About device� and tap on it
  3. In the list you will notice something called �Software Info�. Tap on it.
  4. From the new list tap 7 to 8 times on �Build number�.
  5. This will enable the developer mode

Now go back to setting, and you will notice �Developer options� right above the �About device�.�Tap on �Developer options�, and scroll down to find the 3 animation scale settings. 1) Window animation scale, 2) Transition animation scale, and 3) Animator duration scale.

Change Animation Speed:

These animation scale settings define the way your device�s screen changes from one scene to another (or switches between applications). By default the animation of all these settings is 1x. If you tap on each of these, you will see see an animation scale, and from that list you can either select �Animation off� or �Animation scale 0.5x�. If you completely turn off animation, it may looks a bit out of date, but it will definitely make your android faster. The more balanced option is selecting animation scale to 0.5x. This will double the snappiness of your android device, and will look fine with least amount of animation. Set �Window animation scale�, �Transition animation scale�, and �Animator duration scale� to 0.5x.

Limit Background Activities:

Scroll down from the developer option and from the apps section you will find something called �Do not keep activities�. You can select this option to completely deny any application from running in the background. This can make the current application you are running faster, and there will be no apps running in the background as well. But the problem is that it may create delay in a different way. If you try to open a new app, your current app will be closed. Multitasking on is a common thing, and without it it may looks very odd and uncomfortable. But thankfully there is another option available on android devices to limit background activities, which is more practical and useful.

Limit background processes:

This setting limits the number of apps running in the background. By default it is set to �Standard limit�, which allows unlimited numbers of apps to run in the background. Normally we do not use more than 3 to 4 apps at a time. Select �At most 3 processes� or �At most 4 processes�. This setting will ensure that not more than 3 or 4 apps runs in the background.

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