What is a Malvertising Attack?

What is a malvertising attack?

The word �Malvertising� means malicious advertising. In this malicious practice hackers target the visitors of genuine and reputed websites. And for that they either sneak into a reputed advertising networks like Adsense or Infolinks, or well known popular websites like Yahoo, New York Times, The Onion etc. When you as a user visit a website infected with malvertising malware, your system get infected with advertising malware. The most worrying fact of this malware is that it does not require any kind of user interaction (like clicking on a ad or a link).

How dangerous is a malvertising attack?

It depends the kind of malicious malware a hacker is trying to install in your system. It can be extremely annoying (constant redirection to other malicious websites), or it can steal your sensitive, personal, and financial information or in worst cases it can take over your system and demand for money, like a typical ransomware.

How to stay safe from malvertising attacks?

  1. Update your software (system and application softwares) on time.
  2. Install ad-blocking and anti-virus software (prefer the paid versions from reputed brands)
  3. Keep your antivirus subscriptions active and up-to-date

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