Why AI Processor is Worth The Hype

AI Processor is a mobile chipset specifically designed to better tackle machine learning tasks. Also known as heterogeneous computing, this AI technology uses multiple types of processors, each with specialized function to enhance performance and save energy. This idea is not something entirely new. Many phones already use the same technology within their existing CPU to gain performance. For example Samsung Galaxy S4, Huawei Mate 8 and Honor 6, these mobile phones don�t have a dedicated AI processor yet they use the same kind of technology. Is having a dedicated AI in your mobile really worth the hype? Is it truly beneficial for the consumer? Should you care about an AI chip while buying a new phone? If you are a power-user and you do care about advanced features of computer hardware, the answer is yes, because the existing CPU in a mobile is incapable to meet the demands of machine learning. When manufacturers try to make the existing CPU handle machine learning tasks often it results into slow service and a fast draining battery. The value of having a dedicated AI chipset in your mobile is going to be more in the future with more apps take advantage of this machine learning feature. But if today you are buying a mobile phone with a dedicated AI chipset then following advantages will be quite noticeable:

  • Your phone will be able to perform more tasks simultaneously.
  • You will experience way less lagging issues.
  • It will increase your phone battery life. According to Huawei, its artificial intelligence based chipset – the Kirin 970 can preserve battery up to 50 percent.
  • The overall function of your phone will be better.
  • Many machine learning services send your data to the cloud to perform the actual analysis. With a dedicated AI processor your phone will be more secure as many functions in your phone will be performed in your phone processor instead of sending those to the cloud.
  • Functions like image recognition and language translation will be smoother.

Although you don�t need an exclusive AI Processor at present unless you are a power-user, it is good to have it because it gives you a smooth experience.

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